Fitting Room Attendant at Dry Goods

Youstina Guindi

Job Opportunity at Dry Goods in Kenwood Towne Centre

Posted Mon, Oct 24
Youstina Guindi

A Dry Goods Fitting Room Attendant provides customer service to our customers, assists customers with other selections, cleans out fitting rooms, and returns stock to appropriate fixtures. Primary job responsibilities of a Dry Goods Fitting Room Attendant include the following:

-Ensures unused fitting rooms remain locked.

-Gathers merchandise left in the fitting room by customers. Hangs, buttons, zips, and folds merchandise and returns merchandise to proper fixtures.

-Assists associates with putting stock away.

-Fulfills customer’s requests for different sizes and additional items while in fitting room.

-Assists in maintaining organization in the store and cash wrap areas.

-Manages fitting room queue.