Stylist at Evereve

Nicole Zah

Job Opportunity at Evereve in Kenwood Towne Centre

Part Time
Posted Mon, Nov 1
Nicole Zah

We love fashion, but we love people more. As a Part-Time Stylist with us, you will find joy in serving others and guiding them to the outfits that fit their body type, lifestyle and sense of style.

Part-Times Stylists:
Act as an Ambassador of our Core Values:
Humility: The ability to recognize your value, strengths and weaknesses as well as the value of others.
Empathy: The ability to understand and value the perspective and feelings of others.
Authenticity: Embracing who you are, listening to yourself and making decisions based on personal conviction.
Relationships: Developing genuine connections, lifting others up and following through on team commitments.
Tenacity: The courage to try something new, persist through difficulty and seek solutions.

Exude positive energy. Bring consistent positive energy and warmth to the styling floor, Find joy in your work. Be playful yet professional and share appropriately. Know how to fill yourself up with energy when you are feeling low so you are able to be your best and deliver joy to others. Be prepared to receive feedback and remain coachable. We have a very specific experience and high expectations for delivering joy and styling customers. This will take time and feedback to learn and grow in your skills.

Help create a healthy store culture. Build trust with your team and customers. Create positive team relationships. Team-style together to create a friend shopping experience. Encourage team members to bring issues up to their leaders vs. out to their peers. Have the courage and integrity to hold EVEREVE standards high. Communicate your needs or concerns to your Store Manager in a supportive way and seek resolution together. Don’t forget to have fun!